Significant as You

Significant as You is an initiative that creatively tells the stories of the courageous path survivors of soul-ache abuse take to heal, cultivate inner peace, and open to life.

Abuse comes in many forms, and often carries intentions of control, manipulation, and belittlement. Soul-ache abuse is when the invisible weaponry pierces through our hearts so deep inside to rip and puncture the essence of our being.

Survivor’s amazing spirit Significant as You embraces and shares within works of fiction based from real experiences:  my own intimate experience, as well as the many others who walk this path.  These digital stories, known as Hearts of Courage, focus on a survivor’s journey once they are out of the abusive situation.

Vignettes that are revealing truth tellers of the open internal wounds, scars that form, triumphs and inspiration that result.  And, artfully show life with inner harmony and love is possible.

Thank you for being here.  ~ Kaitlyn